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Ancestral Realms

Advanced Constellation Study

Advanced Training:

Circle Weaving & Circle Technology

 January 29-31, 2021  | 1 to 6 pm EST | $155 for the series | online format

Over 40 + years of experience in leading groups, circles, and trainings come together in this training.

  • Day 1: circle technology - what it is and how it operates, who assists who
  • Day 2: circle weaving - awakening and engaging circle technology, maintenance throughout, and closing
  • Day 3: online specifics to circle weaving and technology

This training provides a structurally and systemically sound approach to Holding, Leading, Facilitating and Maintaining Group and Circle Functioning. The presented Circle Technologies have roots within psychology as well as indigenous teachings of the Norse, Lenape, and Dagara Tradition. 

The training is for beginners and advanced Circle Leaders alike. It is especially  useful for to those actively working in the Constellation and Shamanic Training Realms. 

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Constellation Mentoring

February 8 | 11 am to 1 pm | $55 | online format

meets once a month: monday - March 8 - April 12, 2021

During this Constellation MentorShip Time, you are able to:

  • explore cases from your practice via meta constellations
  • receive support on practice building
  • find a community of constellators who are actively working with constellations within their practice

The Constellation Mentoring is currently meeting online only, and is limited to 5 participants/monday. To reserve your spot, please allow three days notice. Thank you,

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Master Classes

Advanced Constellation Study

Master Classes - Transformation within Ancestral Fields

March 6 | 11 am to 6 pm EST  | $155 | online format

1 or 2-day master classes held March through October 2021

During Master Class you are initiated into the deeper levels of 

  • Working strictly Phenomenological
  • Deepening your systemic understanding of the following:
  1. March 6: Mental Wellness with Bipolarism & Schizophrenie 
  2. April 24: Mental Wellness with Anxiety & Depression 
  3. May 15 & 16: Spirit Possession and Ancestral Curses, Healing through Fields
  4. June 19 & 20: Generational Abuse: Sexual Abuse and Violence
  5. July 17: Suicidality
  6. August 21: Infertility and Blended Family Tragedies - Death In Childbirth
  7. September 18 & October 16: Chronic Physical Wellness and it's challenges of Symptomology: auto-immune, diabetes, heart conditions, cancers.... and more - How to navigate inquiry, constellations, and healing conclusion.
During Master Class you are engaged in interactive learning, active integration, and encouraged to take your learning directly into your field of expertise and practice. The Mentoring & Case Study Circle is a great support to these master classes. Individual mentoring and supervision is available as time permitts.

Connection is good for the soul! 

Being in community of sincere practitioners is good for the soul. This offering encourages Community Collaboration and Connection. 

Eligibility: Completion and Active Application of either Constellation Training & Facilitation (group and / or individual) or Shamanic & Energy Practitioners who wish to engage the Ancestral World into their Healing Practice. This is an advanced study format. And while the newly trained might be mighty curious... Please consider with care, soul and heart that you are already in a state of applied facilitation of ancestral field healing with people; and therefore bring your skill, experience and insight into this container of learning. 

Because when you do...  we all grow and learn together exponentially.

Thank you.

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