Ancestral Realms

Ancestral Healing Sessions

Ancestral Healing Sessions are held in the privacy of your own domain: at home or in my office. And they begin with a challenge within your own inner self, your relations, wealth or health. Once your focus and inquiry is set with clarity, we would engage the Ancestral Field in which you were born, and enlist the assistance of the Ancestors to provide an end to the requested inquiry.


During this process, it is common to unravel curses, or oaths, which may have been with your family for multiple generations or centuries. We may also attend to ailments, illness', and bad fortunes still active today, through immigration or other generational patterns.


As a Senior Constellation Facilitator and Medium, Andrea brings with her the capacity to open the Ancestral Field and communicate directly to the Ancestors, the Ancestral Field and the various Conscience's held within. In doing so, healings are initiated that would not be possible through one person alone.


Sessions are 90 minutes - in person or via zoom - $225/session.

A 45 minute intake process prior to your first session is requested: $145.