Ancestral Realms

Geno-Chart Processing™

Releasing Generational Trauma in Clinical Settings

Private session:


1 Foundational Training: 10 CE's

June 11, 2021 10-5:30 pm & July 9, 2021 10-2:30 pm 

$225 | Materials Included | online training with off screen exercises


This foundational training provides an overview on how the Geno-Chart-Process™ identifies generational family entanglements in the unconscious of a family system for up to 9 generations. A structural perspective framing individual and family process in a trans-generational context, drawing on ancient philosophical traditions; grounded in the more recent influences of Satir, Boszormenyi-Nagy, Einstein, Schuetzenberger, Hellinger, Sheldrake, Mengel and others.


This multi-generational structural perspective concerns itself with orders of belonging, namely, that in a family structure, everyone belongs. This training identifies how belonging is defined and how therapists can utilize the principles immediately and effectively in their work. Geno-Chart Processing™ is a complementary process to therapy and is relevant to therapists on varying levels of experience and training. Interactive case demonstrations illustrate how Geno-Chart Processing™ can be incorporated into individual, couples, or family therapy practice whether your focus is relations, body-awareness, or inter-species bonds.


Training Objectives:

  • Identify the members of a Geno-Chart-System, which extends significantly outside a “family tree” or clinical family geno-gram. Design the Geno-Chart™ as the foundational tool for the Geno-Chart-Process™.
  • Explore how the inclusion of missing or forgotten family members creates a framework for therapy.
  • Describe three basic systemic orders operating within the multi-generational system and their impact on the therapeutic process and outcome.

  • Discover the intricacies of anxiety and bipolarism as a generational dynamic. And how to release them.


Foundation (10 CE’s):

June 11, 2021 (10-5:30pm) & July 9, 2021 (10-2:30pm) – $225 – materials included.

PSCSW members: $180 for full training

$10 for CE's

You may also join for day 1 only: $180


The training moved to an interactive online format where we are sharing and learning for sequences, and you will have personal off-screen time to explore individually (materials are mailed to you). 

We aim to make this a convenient online training format without toooo much screen time.


Book Personal One on One Ancestral GenoChart Processing

Certification to be a GCP-Practitioner 60 hours

​next cycle begins March of 2021 - takes about 11 months to complete

13 training days - $180/day

plus supervision and 16 case studies

Training Structure:

Training occurs in one-day intervals (except for day 5&6, and 7&8 where it is a 2-day training block). 

In addition to training, professionals are asked to apply the process to their clientele after day 4 - we provide small group supervision to support integration into clinical application. 16 case studies are part of your certification process.


Day 1: Structure of Geno-Chart-Processing ™ & Lack of Males in a Family System

Day 2: Fundamental Movements within a System, Therapy & Emotions: Anxieties, Fears

Day 3: Early Death, DisAbilities, DisEases, Introduction to the Orders of Helping

Day 4: Orders of Helping

Day 5 & 6: Phenomenological Approach to Healing and Therapy & Attitude of Non-Interference and Systemic Recognizance of Dynamics

Day 7& 8: The Family Conscience – the Core of the GCP Process: Mental Illness, Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar, Depression, Suicides, Accidents, Murders

Day 9: Addictions, Military, Priesthood

Day 10: Review – Working Systemically in the Geno-Chart-Process™

Day 11: Crimes, Loss of Wealth, Property, Country - Adoption

Day 12 & 13: Violent & Abusive Systems, Borderline Personalities – Responses in a System


Certification as a Geno-Chart-Process™ Practitioner occurs once all requirements – training, supervision and case studies - are complete. 

A final GenoChart Process™ is to be observed by the trainer. 


Certified GCP Practitioners:


Intissar Ben Halim, LCSW - King of Prussia, PA


Intissar BenHalim is a licensed clinical social worker, psychotherapist, with over 20 years of experience working with children, adults, and families in various settings. She holds a Master in Social Service (MSS) from Bryn Mawr College Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research, and her continuing professional development includes a certification in Gestalt Therapy, a certification in Sandtray Play Therapy with Children Ages 3 to 12, basic training in EMDR, Geno-Chart-Practitioner ™, and is currently in the Constellation Facilitator training - 2nd year. 

Intissar joyfully invests her time in her private practice, Wholistic Therapy Associate LLC, in King of Prussia.