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Ancestral Realms

Constellation Study: Year 1


Re-Alignment in the Relational Cosmos 

April  - May - September - October 2021

Graduation weekend: November , 2021

Engaging Fields of Ancestors, Healing and Spirit inside the Constellation Process

We hold space for 8 participants and 2 assistants!


The training content aligns with the foundational curriculum of the German Society of Systemic Constellations. In addition you find methodology specific content from over 35 years of Senior Training Experience & Facilitation, including the Geno-Chart-Process™, Ancestor Table and Ritual. 

  • Transformational Competence in working with Clients – both in group and individually
  • Field Competence – Engaging & Disengaging Fields in Therapy
  • Contextual Competence: present context inside a healing process and biographical context
  • Leadership Skills in Work, Life, Therapy
  • Transformational Leadership in generational and biographical trauma release
  • Group Leadership Skills including parameters of safety for process
  • A network of peers for years to come
  • and some fun along the way – including personal work and support.

Professionals of diverse backgrounds welcomed:

Psychotherapy, Energy Modalities, Psychology, Body-Work, Social-Work, Teachers, Healers, Shamanic Practitioners, Mediums, Psychics, Human-Animal Relations, Veterinarians, Service Professionals of diverse professional context, and more


To explore this 7-months training opportunity,  please schedule an interview - zoom or in person -: 60 minutes, $135.


To check in on whether the training could be a match to where you are at - a 15 min free consultation can be scheduled as well.


  • Weekends: March 25-28 - May 27-30 - September 2-5 - October 20-24, 2021
  • Graduation: November 11-12, 2021
  • Identification of trainees very own Ancestral Purpose and Dynamics included - up to 4 hours of personal work
  • Location: Philadelphia, PA - non-residential retreat format
  • Times: day 1: 12 to 6 pm, day 2 & 3: 10 am to 7 pm, day 4: 10 am to 2 pm
  • Payment: $290/month (7 months) with a $930 down-payment, or $2900 in full
  • RSVP ends March 1, 2021 
  • Early registrations receive a 10% discount if completed by February 1, 2021

About the trainer:


As a practitioner, Andrea Bosbach Largent holds a Masters in Family Systems, Social Work, and Holistic Healing. She has been a Senior Facilitator & Trainer of Constellations since 1992 in Europe, Canada and the United States and was one of the first 3 facilitators to practice in the United States in 1999 and forward.


She was instrumental in bringing Constellation Work from Germany to the United States from 1999 to 2005. In addition, her aim has been to integrate Multi-Generational Trauma Release into main stream therapy and psychology. Her trademarked Geno-Chart-Process™ permits therapists of all modalities to incorporate Ancestral Trauma Release into their practices. This training is in its 5th cycle of training, starting in 2010.


In addition to her clinical training, Andrea brings with her abilities of MediumShip, Spirit & Space Clearing, Ancestral Spirit or Curse Unraveling, Compassionate Depossession, as well as Spirit Journeys in the Shamanic Tradition of the Seidr as her indigenous people.


A profound respect and practice is present in honoring the Ancestral Wisdom and Teachings of the West African People as presented to Andrea through Maledoma Some. The Constellation Process was initiated in essential ways by the Zulu People of Africa and their connection to Bert Hellinger, the German Founder of the process we call: a Family Constellation. Hence indigenous roots are evident in this process, so are western and modern roots. 

A fusion devoted to honoring and healing all People: those alive today, those who came before us and descendants to be.