Ancestral Realms

Ancestral MediumShip

Developing, Strengthening, Training

 From Individual Ancestors to Ancestral Fields, from Original Ancestors to Today. 

November 6-8, 2020

11 am to 7 pm EST / 8 am to 4 pm PST

Special Rate: $313 (usually $450)


The Ancestral World has their own laws and parameters of being, and we, the Living, tend to be a bit more personalized in our approach than they are. Communication is easier when those laws are understood by the receiver.

Your learning in this training will be:


  • Introductions to the principles and laws in the realm of the Ancestors (Dead).
  • Ancestral roles in the world of the Living.
  • Roles of the Living amongst the Ancestors.
  • Ancestral power and its use for healing.
  • Ancestral Intelligence within collective processes.

This training is designed for those wishing to expand into MediumShip with Ancestors. 


My personal and professional practice in communing and communicating with the Ancestors spans over many decades and includes indigenous knowledge such as Seidr, Native American, Gypsy folklore, West-African/Dagara, combined with Ancestral Teachings received through the Generational Healing Work called Family Constellations.