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Ancestral Realms

Ancestral MediumShip

Developing, Strengthening, Training

 From Individual Ancestors to Ancestral Fields, from Original Ancestors to Today. 



June 11-13, 2021

11 am to 7 pm EST / 8 am to 4 pm PST


Connecting with Ancestors through Mediumship includes the grandness of Ancestors - generations of them. We can connect to them as a large group. Get to know Ancestral Guides who are preserving ancestral gifts and skills. And we can connect with the Ancestral Field itself, which is governed by laws of it's own being. We can connect to the original Ancestors: of a tribe, a culture, a country or land. And more....


This training is designed for those wishing to expand their capacity in MediumShip with Ancestors & Ancestral Fields. An existing relationship with your helping spirits, journey or mediumship practice is prerequisite:


  • Introductions to the realm of the Ancestors (Dead)
  • Introductions to the governing laws of Ancestral Fields
  • Ancestral roles in the world of the Living
  • Access to Ancestral Guides - who are they? What is their role?
  • Ancestors & Healing
  • Ancestors & Collective Field Healing

Andrea brings many decades of practice in communing and communicating with the Ancestors with her. Elder Malidoma Some reckognized her as the 'Voice of the Ancestors'. Integrated teachings include indigenous knowledge such as Seidr, Native American, Gypsy folklore, West-African/Dagara, as well as Ancestral Teachings received through the Generational Healing Work called Family Constellations. 

  Advanced Training:

October 28-31, 2021

11 am to 7 pm EST / 8 am to 4 pm PST



As one who carries a deep passion for Middleworld and all its inhabitants, I am very pleased to offer this unique training to the larger community of Healers, Therapists and Mediums.