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Developing Ancestral MediumShip

November 6-8, 2020 | online training | pay what you can - regular rate: $290

11 am to 7 pm EST - 8 am to 4 pm PST 

From individual ancestors to ancestral fields, from original ancestors to today.

The Ancestral World has their own laws and parameters of being, and we, the Living, tend to be a bit more personalized in our approach than they are. Communication is easier when those laws are understood by the receiver.

My personal and professional practice in communing and communicating with the Ancestors spans over many decades and includes indigenous knowledge such as Seidr, Native American, Gypsy folklore, West-African/Dagara, combined with Ancestral Teachings received through the Generational Healing Work called Family Constellations. Your learning in this training will be ....

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Message Circle - Your Loved Ones long for connection with You

Friday November 13, 2020 | 6 to 7:30 pm | $75 | online format

A Message Circle connects you to your Deceased Loved Ones so you can ask questions about your life now, or past historical events - including family saga's, secrets and connections. You may just want to make contact with someone on the other side to see how they are, or to let them know how you are.  All of this is possible during a message circle - 3 questions per participant in small group (4).

Or: book a private mediumship session (Phone or in person) - 60 minutes

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Constellation Mentoring

November 9 | 11 am to 1 pm | $55 | online format

next: January 11, 2021

During this Constellation MentorShip Time, you are able to:

  • explore cases from your practice via meta constellations
  • receive support on practice building
  • find a community of constellators who are actively working with constellations within their practice

The Constellation Mentoring is currently meeting online only, and is limited to 5 participants/monday. To reserve your spot, please allow three days notice. Thank you,

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Constellation Retreat - A 2 day holiday special 

Healing Through Fields on long-standing challenges such as physical Illness, Emotions, Relations, Spirit Challenges, Land, Animals

December 19 & 20, 2020

10 am to 7 pm and 12 to 6 pm | $190 -95

Bringing healing, strengths and change to chronic pattern such as illness, relational stuckness, mental wellness, success, spirit related inflictions. 



Keeping Clear Space: Crystal Waiting Room and Other Tools

November 28, 2020 | 2 to 5 pm | $75 | online format

Tools to clear space energetically, with crystals, waters, salts, and other remedies. Introduction to the crystal waiting room – a power-filled tool to keep your space energetically sound and clean.

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Winter Solstice: Celebration, Inspiration, Contribution 

Balance in Spirit and Matter

December 20th |  5 to 7:30 pm | $55 per session | online format

Good bye to the old, welcoming the new. On the longest night of the year, we forge requests into the dawn of the new light. And wishing farewell to all that is old and complete. During this solstice, the heavenly and earthly elements are easily reached and contact with the Spirit of the Solstice will be made,. Partake in this online circle, utilizing both: mediumship and ritual to support ourselves. And through us, the collective at large.

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The 2021 East Coast Intensive

A learning and support Field for Facilitators

20th Anniversary

March 18-21, 2021  | Commuter & Overnight options available | Philadelphia, PA

The Family Constellations East Coast Intensive is held near Philadelphia, PA Thursday,March 18th, 2021 – 5 pm through Sunday, March 21, 2021 – 1 pm

It is led by Jeffrey Rich and Senior Trainer and Facilitator Andrea Bosbach Largent in a Learning Circle Format wherein participants may deepen their skill set as Facilitators in a growing professon, transformational agents and leaders within community and on behalf of clients.

The Learning Circle Format holds space for personal inquiries, understanding that every inquiry is made for us as a collective = nothing is ever truly personal,