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Ancestral Realms

Advanced Facilitator Training:

Transformational Healing Work inside Fields

June 25-28, 2020 | August 14-17 | October 15-18 | December 18-19 | February 18-21 | March 11-13, 2021

$2900 or $335 /month


Engaging Fields of Ancestors, Healing and Spirit inside the Constellation Process

Training builds on an existing Facilitator foundation increasing your capacity in:

Working Phenomenological and with systemic Integrity

Building an allied Relationship with Fields

Developing a Therapeutic Stand Within capable of Field Work


Fields are the place from where Healing and Self-Healing can be directed. To initiate it, the Facilitator must develop a capacity within to match the Fields integrity. Doing so requires, as Bert Hellinger puts: a specific therapeutic attitude and stance. One that directs you towards Field Awareness, Consciousness and hence resolution on complex paradigms.

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