Ancestral Realms

Geno-Chart Processing™

Identifying one's Ancestral Purpose

Releasing Generational Trauma in Clinical Settings

Private session:


1 Foundational Training: 10 CE's

June 11, 2021 10-5:30 pm & July 9, 2021 10-2:30 pm 

$225 | Materials Included | online training with off screen exercises


This foundational training provides an overview on how the Geno-Chart-Process™ identifies generational family entanglements in the unconscious of a family system for up to 9 generations. A structural perspective framing individual and family process in a trans-generational context, drawing on ancient philosophical traditions; grounded in the more recent influences of Satir, Boszormenyi-Nagy, Einstein, Schuetzenberger, Hellinger, Sheldrake, Mengel and others.


This multi-generational structural perspective concerns itself with orders of belonging, namely, that in a family structure, everyone belongs. This training identifies how belonging is defined and how therapists can utilize the principles immediately and effectively in their work. Geno-Chart Processing™ is a complementary process to therapy and is relevant to therapists on varying levels of experience and training. Interactive case demonstrations illustrate how Geno-Chart Processing™ can be incorporated into individual, couples, or family therapy practice whether your focus is relations, body-awareness, or inter-species bonds.


Training Objectives:

  • Identify the members of a Geno-Chart-System, which extends significantly outside a “family tree” or clinical family geno-gram. Design the Geno-Chart™ as the foundational tool for the Geno-Chart-Process™.
  • Explore how the inclusion of missing or forgotten family members creates a framework for therapy.
  • Describe three basic systemic orders operating within the multi-generational system and their impact on the therapeutic process and outcome.

  • Discover the intricacies of anxiety and bipolarism as a generational dynamic. And how to release them.


Foundation (10 CE’s):

January 18, 2021 (10-5:30pm) & February 20, 2021 (10-2:30pm) – $225 – materials included.

PSCSW members: $180 for full training

$10 for CE's

You may also join for day 1 only: $180


The training moved to an interactive online format where we are sharing and learning for sequences, and you will have personal off-screen time to explore individually (materials are mailed to you). 

We aim to make this a convenient online training format without toooo much screen time.


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Certification to be a GCP-Practitioner™ 

​starts August 22, 2021

72 hours - 12 training days 

plus supervision and 16 case studies

Training Structure:

Training occurs in one-day intervals with some exceptions. Most training days are provided through an online platform - with exception of two in person events. In addition to training, professionals are asked to apply the process to their clientele after the first trimester of the training is complete. Training provides small group supervision to support integration into clinical application. 16 completed case studies are part of the certification process.



  • Structure of Geno-Chart-Processing™ & The Family Conscience
  • Fundamental Movements within a System, Therapy & Emotions: Anxieties, Fears, Early Death 
  • Lack of Males in a System and it's phenomenological consequences: Addictions, Military, Priesthood 
  • Orders of Helping (part 1 & 2)
  • Mental Illness, Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar, Depression 
  • DisAbilities & DisEases 
  • Adoption & Blended Families
  • Suicides, Accidents, Murders, Crimes, Loss of Wealth, Property, Country
  • 3-day in person teaching: Phenomenological Approach to Healing and Therapy - Attitude of Non-Interference and Systemic Recognizance of Dynamics - Review – Working Systemically in the Geno-Chart-Process™ (April 2022)
  • 2-day teaching: Violent & Abusive Systems, Borderline Personalities - Responses in a System 

Certification as a Geno-Chart-Process™ Practitioner occurs in June or October 2022. Completion of all training segments, supervision and 16 case studies are pre-requisite to apply for graduation. The graduation session is a trainer observed Geno-Chart-Process™ with a client of practitioner's choosing. 

Location: online & in person on two occasions (philadelphia, pa)

Tuition:    $2900 in full or monthly: $290 for 7 months with a $930 deposit at the beginning

                   Tuition includes 13 training days and 15 small group supervision sessions 

                   Missed training sessions or additional / private supervisions can be agreed upon as needed with additional tuition.

To apply for this certification please initiate contact here: subject GCP Certification.