Ancestral Realms

Group Message Circle

Our Loved Ones on the other side are our biggest Cheerleaders!

Their aim is to support us as we live and thrive in our lives. No matter who they were when alive, once released from body and trauma, their support is simply unconditional and ever present. The question becomes: are we, are you, the living – making use of it? The living continue with struggles, generational ones, personal ones, collective ones – and our modern mindset to often forgets: we are not alone. Our Ancestors for one are here to support us every step of the way. Without them we would not be here. And without us their reason for being would be void. So there is a mutually beneficial relationship at work here and you can make use of it. Speak to your Deceased Loved Ones via Mediumship. 

Private readings are held in the privacy of my office in Kennett Square: 60 minutes, $180 – and you may record the session. REGISTER HERE and we’ll be in touch to schedule your appointment time. 

Small group sessions (up to 8 people  are a beautiful way to make contact, check out the process or experience ‘me’ as a medium, and to get a quick questions or two answered. Participants may ask up to 3 questions. Each participant reveives an Ancestral Blessing. Scheduled group sessions are $75/person, 2 hours. Dates are listed on our Trainings and Events page.

To bring a group session to your office, please MAKE CONTACT HERE. We love to travel!