Ancestral Realms

Ancestral Guides are ready to meet You!

June 5, 2021 | 10 to 5:30 pm | $145

Working with Ancestors has brought a lot of lightness and curiosity to my profession and life. They teach and broaden my horizons continuously for which I am of course, very grateful. One of those teachings is the understanding of Ancestral Guides.

An Ancestral Guide is both: your Ancestor and a Spirit Guide in one.

As such it holds powers beyond a 'regular' Ancestor. It holds knowledge beyond 'regular' Ancestors. And it holds gifts to all in the family.


Allow me to describe it a bit:

Guides from a non-earthly realm such as elementals, fairies, angels, stars, etc choose to be born into a human life. They then become part of a human lineage. From that moment onward, their specific support is a birth-right and a special protection to people in this lineage. Which is why they are born into a human life time in the first place: so we, the living, have access to them as Ancestral Guides and the Gifts they bring with them.


In researching this teaching, I learned that this is not at all common knowledge unless you go way back into old mystery or indigenous understandings. Modern mind-sets prevent us from even looking for who our Ancestral Guides are.

As a teacher and Voice of the Ancestors, I am here to let you know:

  • Each person has Ancestral Guides, usually 2 (or more).
  • Each person can explore who they are and begin a conscious relationship with them.
  • And each person has a right to their 'hamingia' - an Ancestral Gift.

Meet your Ancestral Guides

A day to o journey and meet your Ancestral Guides (both of them), receive your hamingia (ancestral gift) and create a talisman blessed by ancestral protection and guidance.

To honor spacial requirements during this sensitive time, the event is limited to 6 participants - materials are provided.

Saturday, June 5, from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm, $145/person

No previous journey experience needed.

All are welcome!