Ancestral Realms

Mentoring Programs

 The 9 Realms MediumShip Circle 

private invitation only - email to inquire

A MediumShip Practice Circle can be essential to navigating life, especially during challenging times. It is also a place to finetune and practice your skills, be in like-souled community, and explore within the synergetic field of practitioners in the Art of MediumShip. To inquire about joining this private circle, please email Andrea directly.

Each month  we explore a new realm of non-ordinary reality. 

Walking with Spirit - ApprenticeShip

3 Thursdays/month | 9:30 to 10:30 am | $110/month

online format, includes two private sessions

starts March 2021 - 3 or 9 months enrollment options

This apprenticeship offers navigation skills:

basic energy hygiene, daily practices, sacred space, sovereignity of space and person, from person to ancestors, to original ancestors to fields, from herbs to protection and ancestral gifts, mediumship, navigating clearings and spirit rites for yourself, your homes, your clients.

The program includes recordings of all sessions, so you don't need to worry about missing a session. Two personal sessions are included as well, so a personal deepening may occur when needed.

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Professional MentorShip on Working with Spirit

2 Tuesdays / month| 2 to 4:30 pm | $137 |online format

starts November 2020 - 3 or 9 months enrollment options

This MentorShip is reserved for Professionals who are actively using spirit release, depossession, curse removal or psychic abuse unraveling in their existing work with clients. Enrollment can be 3 or 9 months. Group consists of 4 Professionals, assuring personal learning and case presentation with each meeting:

  • CaseReview

  • Deepening Spirit Practice in working with Clients
  • Co-creating a Success Structure for your Business

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Mediums, Psychics, Shamanic Practitioners MentorShip

1 Thursday / month | November 2020 through May 2021 | 1 to 3 pm | $55

online format

Mediums, Psychics and Shamanic Practitioner MentorShip: 

  • Increasing Client Activity, 
  • Achieving balance of give and take that no longer tires you out as a practitioner (may include generational healing work)
  • Co-creating a Success Structure for your Business
Add Generational Healing Sessions at reduced rate: $180/session - up to 2 sessions per enrollment. 7 months enrollment, first session free.

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Constellation Mentoring

 1 monday of the month | 11 am to 1 pm | $55 | online format

During this Constellation MentorShip Time, you are able to:

  • explore cases from your practice via meta constellations
  • receive support on practice building
  • find a community of constellators who are actively working with constellations within their practice

The Constellation Mentoring is currently meeting online only, and is limited to 5 participants/monday. To reserve your spot, please allow at least two weeks notice. Thank you,

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