Ancestral Realms

Mentoring & Apprenticing


With over three decades of initiating healing in Constellations & Spirit Related Matters in Europe, Canada and the US, I wish to devote more time to mentoring and apprenticing within the Art of Spirit and the Art of Constellations.

private, group, short and long-term, virtual and in person

Andrea's shamanic training permits her to initiate into spirit world, merge spirit release and other tools into clinical practice as well as constellations.  Her long-term affiliation with Field Constellations provides an arae of possibilities for therapeutic service professionals, may it be body-therapy, energy-therapy, relational therapy including animal relations, or psychotherapy, and of course spirit therapy. 


Apprenticing is suitable for people who are looking for a teacher with long and extensive experience and who are ready to implement skills and practical applications; both personally as well as professionally. The aim of the apprenticeship training and teaching is for the apprentice to reach a standard of professional skill providing him or her the capacity to efficiently and successfully provide genuine healing support to his or her own community. 

All teaching and training is individually based depending on the level, talent and requests of the apprentice.


The teaching takes place in person or over zoom and comes as a part- or full-time apprenticeship; as well as mentoring.

You may request a 3 or 9 months apprenticeship to begin (part-time) which can be extended for another 9 months, or move to a full-time apprenticeship with a maximum of 5 years, and a minimum of 3 year agreement. This format is suitable for those who wish to make Constellation or Spirit Work (or both) a primary focus of their work.


Mentoring is available in 3-12 session format with sessions being weekly or every other week. While Apprenticing includes teaching, mentoring mostly stays focused on where you are at: personally or professionally, and how to expand within that current place. Apprenticing would go beyond where you currently are, hence carries initiatory and expansive (transformative) qualities. As part of that reality, ongoing and longer-term support is needed to ensure integration and application without harm. 


ApprenticeShip with Ancestral Realms may include Constellation processes (group and individual), Ancestral Fields, MediumShip, Divination, Communication with Spirits (the dead, guides, elementals etc). The full-time ApprenticeShip integrates Phenomenological Process into your life and profession.

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Mentoring Programs

  • Walking With Spirit - 3 or 9 months
  • Professional Support in Working with Spirit - 2 x month
  • Constellation Support - 1 x month
  • Private MediumShip Circle
  • Training - click here to see schedule

Details for each program


  • Private Mentoring
  • Business Mentoring
  • Constellation Mentoring

Mentoring occurs in segments of 3-12 sessions in relation to needs, skills and requested support. An initial one-time consultation provides us with the data to initiate.




  • 3-9 months apprenticeship (part-time)
  • 3-5 years apprenticeship (full-time)

ApprenticeShip can be provided strictly for:

  • Constellation Work
  • Spirit Work
  • Both

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