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Ancestral Realms

Mother's Circle for Unborn Babies

October 26, 2020 | 6-8:30 pm | $75

"Never did I feel more alone then when I had lost my baby.

I was only 11 weeks.... so it did not really count in the world.

It counts for me though."

The pain that is held in mothers and fathers for the life's lost moves me deeply. The loss of a child, no matter how early or late is unimaginable and it happens. This mother's circle is a space to honor each Life - together, we honor mother and child and who they are together. Where there was life it deserves to be honored.

Sometimes... grieving or a letting go is needed. Whatever it is, it has a space in the Mother's Circle.


The Mother's Circle is an annual offering during which we:

Honor the life you held within you - even if just for a brief moment until a miscarriage, an abortion, a still-birth ended it. And honor your motherhood, your womanhood, amongst ourselves: as women.

Monday, October 26, 2020 from 6 to 8:30 pm

$75/person in Kennett Square PA


Due to the very private and personal nature of this meeting, we offer no online participation. In respect to our current stipulations, groups are sized no larger than 10, which includes this circle.


The circle promotes personal and experiential process and healing guided by Andrea B Largent, a clinical family therapist and senior facilitator since 1992. Mother's Circles have been held for the past 16 years, and are spoken about by anyone who attended.


"I had never found a place where I could speak the unimaginable loss I had.

It was my aunt who suggested to come. From the moment I arrived, I felt safe to share.

So I named my babies, did not say much yet in just two hours I felt a lightness that I had forgotten about for years. Now: on top of it all: I am pregnant. I am convinced that attending your circle was the key to the new life in me." 

After many 5 miscarriages and 2 late-aborted pregnancies - this woman is now a mother of two healthy children.