Ancestral Realms

One-on-One Services

This page initiates all one-on-one services with Andrea Bosbach Largent, msw, sft - the majority of sessions are provided in person in her office in Kennett Square, PA. Long-distance arrangements are available, especially for mediumship, spirit clearings, mentoring and supervision. When it comes to therapy, we would need to investigate together if the online forum provides optimal support to you.  Being effective is important to me. Hence, an assessment of fit and focus is key and is where we would begin our interaction with one another. I look forward to working with you. 

Therapy & Counseling

In working together we begin with a 4 session consultation process (families and couples 6-consultations). During this consultation process I learn all I can about your current challenge, you learn all you can about the potential in our work relationship, and in the 4th (or 6th) session we design an ongoing strategy for therapy -- if and as needed.

This process has shown that the majority of challenges are resolved within this consultation process. 



One-time Consultations

One time consultations are designed to gain insights around a very specific inquiry; such as how to attend to a specific family situation that arose, how to navigate medication, or grave news. Sometimes it is used to go deeper in a grieving process, or to initiate.

The one-time consultation may also serve those who wish to explore mentoring, have a case they wish to review, or for Dream Interpretation. A spirit or spiritually related question to your daily practice, or how to incorporate spirit into mental health may also be suitable in a one-time consultation.



During a private MediumShip consultation I become the voice for your deceased loved ones. 

As a medium, I have the great fortune to access the voices and the presence of our Ancestors (the dead). Their primary focus is to provide support for you; even if that support was not provided during alive times, now, as they are on the other side: you have their undivided attention, their unconditional support, and love. You may record this session.


NEW! Walking With Spirit MentorShip


Spirit Clearings

All Spirit Clearings begin with a 30 minute consultation during which you are asked a few diagnostic questions, allowing us to fine-tune what is needed, whether we are a good team, and whether this is a good time to move ahead with a spirit clearing. Spirit Clearings include Curse Unravelings, Soul Retrieval, Compassionate Depossession and Space/Land Clearings. The actual session is set 5-7 days after the initial consult, and takes 90 minutes.

A follow up about 10 days later assures completion.



Ancestral Purpose

As humans, we naturally carry an Ancestral Purpose. Meaning: as a family, as a tribe at large, we are devoted to working through a specific challenge on behalf of the collective which we call mankind. 

Inside a family, each member carries a particular 'job', a particular purpose inside this large process that life provides. And for which we have a name: Transformation. So who you are, and where you are inside the transformational process of your family tribe, is what this Reading identifies for you.

Two session process: first session (90 minutes) collects data. Second session (45 minutes) is your reading. You may record the session. LEARN MORE


Mentoring & Supervision

As a Family Therapist incorporating Family Constellations, Spirit Work, I provide trainings and for mentoring and supervision for Psychotherapists:

  • Supervision for Constellation Facilitators
  • Mentoring in developing Spirit Practice
  • Mentoring in deepening Spirit Practice
  • Mentoring on how to incorporate Family Constellations into private practice for all service professionals: massage, body, energy, psychotherapy, veterenarian, shamanic practitioners......
  • Business Mentoring: taking your private practice into success


Service Prices

To receive Insurance Reimbursements, please check with your Insurance Provider. 



applies to: 

Therapy, Counseling, One-Time Consulations, Mediumship, Spirit Clearings, Ancestral Purpose Readings as well as Mentoring


You are welcome to schedule sessions, esepcially mentoring and supervision in shorter increments. Sometimes we just have a quick question, right?!!


Spirit Clearings begin with a 30 minute consult, and are followed by a 90 minute session. This rate covers both and is due prior to the first consult.

Have Andrea come to you!


In this day in age we transmit much of our communications through technology and, much of Ancestral Realms' services are available long-distance.  However, nothing compares to the palpable energy and experience of face-to-face contact. If you would like Andrea come to you let us know which offering you would like to experience and where you are located and, we will let you know available dates and pricing. 

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