Ancestral Realms

Spirit World - An Initiatory Training

Special Holiday Offering

December 11 & 12, 2020 | 11 am to 6 pm EST| special pricing: $99/day

Awakening Communication with Spirit

Connecting with non-ordinary reality is an ancient art. During this training you receive an introduction and an anciently structured process, safe and sound, to the Norse Tradition and the allies who are eager to work with you. This training consists of 2 days which can be taken individually or together. During this training your modern mind is expanded it into its natural capacity to collaborate with guides. Consequently enhancing health and abilities in navigating life. You will meet a variety of guides and protectors, as you awaken your natural ability to communicate with the world of spirit. This initiatory training is fun, lighthearted and light spirited.

Day 1: Connection with Spirit Guides and Building your Team

Safe structures in connecting with the World of Spirit (Beings without physical body).

Build your Spirit Team for Spirit Community: Body-Protector, True Self, Personal Assistant, Gate-keepers

Who and what assists when transitioning to the Realm of the Dead?

The Crystal Waiting Room: a clearing device


Day 2: MediumShip and it's place in the World today

Purpose of MediumShip: historically and in our World Today

Forms of MediumShip: your Claires (senses), conscious vs. unconscious

Your travel team when holding MediumShipPractice time in group MediumShip