Ancestral Realms

Therapy & Counseling

In working together we begin with a 4 session consultation process (families and couples 6-consultations). During this consultation process I learn all I can about your current challenge, you learn all you can about the potential in our work relationship, and in the 4th (or 6th) session we design an ongoing strategy for therapy -- if and as needed.


This process has shown that the majority of challenges are resolved within this consultation process.

Assessing where the strongest place of impact resides is key to this practice. We include all factors: generational trauma, systemic and economic challenges, religious, political and spirit related influences and supports, as well as Nature itself, and of course: all the humans and four-legged we are in ongoing relationship with. 


A well-rounded referral system is accessible and includes various psychotherapeutic modalities, psychiatry, body-wellness and healing through Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Chiropractic, Wholistic Pharmacology, Dentistry, and Body-Workers such as Massage Therapists, Structural Integrationists, and Energy Practitioners. 


Services are available to Individuals, Couples and Families: Monday through Friday.

Areas of expertise are severe hardships such as tragic loss/death, domestic violence, abuse, ritual and psychic abuse, possession illness, bipolarism, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, suicidality as well as out-of-the ordinary experiences such as spirit emergence.

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