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Walking With Spirit MentorShip Spring 2020

Welcome to the Walking with Spirit Membership Page

This page is where you can access our live classes, login at any time to have access to all of the apprenticeship video sessions and, any  other information and tools of healing and magick.

In this apprenticeship offering you'll engage in navigating the basics all the way to complex systems:

from basic energy hygiene, daily practices, to sacred space, sovereignity of space and person, from person to ancestors, to original ancestors to fields, from herbs to protection and ancestral gifts, from mediumship with loved ones to talking to trees, from animals to humans and vice versa, to navigating clearings and spirit releases for yourself, your homes, your clients.

(** a full training in Ancestral Mediumship is an additional class in November 6-8th**).


Here is our schedule of sessions over the next 9 months...

October 22

November 5, 12

Dec 3, 10, 17

January 7, 14, 21, 2021 - The Final Month

  • The program includes recordings of all sessions, so you don't need to worry about missing a session
  • You can always go back and listen in before joining back in live.
  • Two personal sessions are included as well, so a personal deepening may occur when needed.

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